Gaso 1742 Duplex Pump


What We Do

     Power Zone specializes in turn-key industrial pumping solutions. We offer pump packages ranging from 10 to 6000 horsepower, for applications such as production, well drilling, well service, pipeline, frac water supply, and saltwater disposal. These industrial pumps can be driven using diesel, gas, or electric power and are unitized on a structural skid. All packages are custom designed to the customers specifications and can include a large variety of features and accessories. These units are designed, built, and tested entirely within our facility and are backed by a guarantee that follows them all the way to the site.

Pump Rebuilding

     We are a full-service rebuild shop, specializing in pumps, engines, gearboxes, and other rotating industrial equipment. Our technical, systematic approach to every rebuild project ensures precision and quality, and you can be certain that the finished product is as ready for service as the day it was first built. With numerous testing facilities on site, we do all the troubleshooting and fine tuning before it leaves our shop, so you can put it to the task immediately. And of course, we back all of our work with a solid guarantee.

Rental Pumps and Pump Packages

     If you’d like to rent a pump to fill an immediate short-term need, we may have one standing by. Our rental fleet covers a wide variety of applications with pumps up to 1250HP, pressures up to 20,000 PSI, and capacities up to 3000 GPM. We are capable of responding to pumping needs within 24 hours and can deliver our pumps almost anywhere in the US and Canada including Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kansas and Pennsylvania. We can also custom build rental packages for applications that fall outside our fleets capabilities. Check out our full line of rental packages and call our knowledgeable sales team for application consulting and our pump rental rates.


     Tell us what you have, give us all the information you can dig up, and we will add it to our already vast database of available equipment. We have thousands of contacts and a myriad of equipment requests coming in daily. Call now or email for more information or for our equipment for sale form and get your items listed today.

Locating Equipment

     Need to replace a pump or engine that’s hard to find? We are searching for and finding all types of oilfield and industrial equipment every day, and have a database of over 10,000 items outside of our own inventory. Send in your requests for surplus equipment and we will search our resources for similar items. It’s likely that there’s just the machine you are looking for at our fingertips!


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